​Healing properties of water:

Hydrostatic pressure of water - allows healing to occur faster because water is a NATURAL:

  • Diuretic Eliminates fluid, slows the heart & calms, ‘sedates’ our mind and mentality.​
  • Anti-Inflammatory - Decreases inflammation and improves the immune system.
  • Oxygenator - Water exercise requires 30% more oxygen due to pressure of water on the chest.

Resistance of water is 20x that of air, giving you a more powerful work out in less time. Some say a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a 5 mile run.

Warm water dilates blood vessels, increases circulation and gives muscles elasticity. This makes stretching easier and improves range of motion. Increased circulation detoxes the body by increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body and eliminates toxins and wastes. The water is kept between 83 – 93 degrees, depending on the weather.

Buoyancy allows you to reduce the strain & pain in an injured or diseased part of your body. When exercising in water up to your hips, 60% of your body weight is removed; up to your neck, 90% of your body weight is removed. The buoyancy of the water makes us feel as though we are floating.

Reasons For Warm Water Canine Exercise:

Weight Loss    

Safe & Clean Way to Exercise, Improves Self-Esteem

Get in Shape

Strengthens Muscles, Increases Endurance

Muscle Injuries

Decreases Inflammation, Reduces Muscle Spasm

Pain / Dysplasia / Arthritis

Decreases Inflammation, Swelling & Stiffness

Depression / Anxiety

Relaxes The Mind & Body, Improves Self-Esteem


Improves Balance & Coordination

Pre / Post Surgery

Strengthens Muscles, Improves Flexibility

Walking Difficulties

Improves Balance & Coordination, Strengthens Muscles

Senior DogsJust like you, as your dog ages he gets stiff joints, adds weight and loses muscle mass. Ask yourself….and be honest….

• Can your dog get off and on the bed easily? 
• Does he run as fast as he used to? 
• Is he slow to get up in the morning?
• Is there a limp in your dog’s walk? 
• Has your dog ever had surgery on one of his limbs?
• Is your dog overweight?

Help improve your dog’s quality of life with warm water swimming. Enjoy every moment with your aging dog, knowing you are doing everything you can to make his senior years comfortable. 

Obesity Limits Life!  Dogs love to eat. And their owners love to feed them. “It's fun!”

A study in Labrador Retrievers found thin dogs live about 2 years longer than obese dogs. When your average life span is 12.8 years, 2 years is lot to take off a dog’s life! A safe weight loss rate for dogs is 1 to 2% of body weight a week. Their metabolism needs about 3-6 months to reset. Weight gain usually happens slowly, so please be patient.

Unfortunately, many vets don’t tell owners their dogs are fat.  It is a sensitive subject for many people. Ask your vet – is my dog fat? Ask your family and friends. But only ask if you are willing to listen and change YOUR habits. YOU are the only reason your dog is fat. Too many people are loving their dogs to death.  MORE FOOD does not equal MORE LOVE!

Warm Water Swimming

Warm water swimming can help so many canine ailments.

It helps with pain, arthritis, dysplasia, walking difficulties, back problems, injuries, stiffness, obesity, anxiety, low self-esteem....and it is so much FUN!!!


Age 16 & Up Only