Lisa is the other owner of Rummy's Beach Club.  She has been a Physician Assistant since 1988 & worked with cancer and bone marrow transplant patients at cutting edge institutions like MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and the University of Chicago in Chicago.  She is passionate about death and dying, a subject most people avoid.

For over 30 years, Lisa has volunteered her time and money to support a variety of organizations like
Texas Litter Control, Husky Haven, Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue, Corridor Rescue, Best Friends, SPCA, Humane Society, Texas Humane Legislation Network and many more.  

A vegetarian since 2004, Lisa does not have human children - her rescue dogs are her babies and make her smile everyday.  Rummy's was created for her dogs - old, handicapped, dog aggressive, fearful, reactive, escape artists, neglected, abused and toy driven.  While Rummy, her blind Siberian Husky, inspired Rummy's Beach Club, all of her rescue dogs helped teach her how to create a safe, fun, private place for other dogs with issues to go and have fun with their owners.  There aren't many places you can go and have fun in a safe environment when you own a dog aggressive dog or a blind dog or an old unstable dog.  At Rummy's Beach Club it is ALL about the dogs.  You can bring any breed, any age, any dog here to have fun - except human aggressive dogs.  Come & have fun in a private setting with your dogs.  The more you come here with your  dogs with issues, the less you will see those issues here.  This becomes their second home and their confidence blossoms.  It is so rewarding to watch and be a part of their growth.

​​​​​​​​​​​Rummy is a blind Siberian Husky who won the 2007 Nationwide Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue contest, .  Many people fell in love with Rummy along his journey.  Here is his story so you can too… 

In 2006, Rummy was rescued by the Houston SPCA.  The SPCA contacted Husky Haven, Inc., Houston’s Siberian Husky dog rescue  who agreed to give Rummy the special attention he needed to get healthy and adopted.

This is what Rummy looked when rescued - emaciated, had mange, heartworms, round worms, hook worms, whip worms and coccidia. After being at Husky Haven for a few weeks, he gained weight, grew his hair back and his skin was improving.

Lisa, a Husky Haven volunteer, fostered Rummy to help him get more exposure and adopted faster.  Husky Haven entered Rummy's story into the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Contest and he was chosen as one of ten finalists!

As a finalist, Rummy won a year of Purina Pro Plan Dog Food for Husky Haven and a 3 day 2 night trip to Hollywood, California.  To win the contest, Rummy had to get people to vote for him, so Rummy asked people to vote for him everywhere - Houston Home Shows, Dogfest in Tomball, Katy Mills Mall, Reliant Park Dog Show, and Woof Gourmet Pet Bakery in Old Town Spring.  Rummy was on local and national radio shows, in dog magazines and newspapers - he attracted attention wherever he went because of his striking beauty, fearlessness & positive energy.  This is Rummy getting votes:


People waited in line to meet him.  He would kiss you, lie in your lap and get lovin’ from you or you could lie in Rummy’s lap and he would give you lovin’.  If the petting stopped, he would put his paw up as if to say, “Please don’t go.”  Kids would surround Rummy, pet him and tell him their deepest secrets; adults would follow the Husky Haven calendar to find out where Rummy would be and come to events just to see him.  It was staggering to watch Rummy in action - he touched people’s hearts over and over. 

When the voting was over, Rummy went to Hollywood.  All of the finalists, including a St. Bernard and pit bull mix, stayed in a luxurious hotel in Beverly Hills – the Sofitel!

October 12, 2007, at the Hollywood and Highland Mall, Californians got to meet the finalists and hear about the contest.  The Purina spokesperson for that year was Emily Procter, (CSI Miami & West Wing), who had rescue dogs and supported animal rescue.  Upon meeting Emily, Rummy kissed all of her make-up off.  She just smiled.  It was a genuine pleasure to meet her. 

Guess who won?  The Director of the 2007 Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Contest, Ken Wilhelm, announced the winner………………………………..……

Rummy won $5,000 of Purina Pro Plan dog food for Husky Haven’s rescue dogs. Here is Rummy posing with Emily Procter, Foster Mom Lisa Goebel and Ken Wilhelm.


​It was a surreal moment.  It still is.  As a dog rescuer, you put in many thankless hours and no one knows or cares.  Backyard breeders and puppy mills breed dogs over and over.  Owners don't get their dogs neutered or spayed.  Shelters just keep euthanizing “throw away” dogs and cats of society.  You have driven past them and know what I am talking about.  Luckily, Rummy’s story did not end the way most street dogs' lives end.

Husky Haven volunteers and Rummy worked hard to get votes, publicity and donations so they could rescue more Siberian Huskies.  Thank You Purina for bringing needed attention to rescue dogs and the people who rescue them across America! 

From the streets of Houston to Hollywood to opening his own business, Rummy’s Beach Club.  You never know what can happen when you rescue that starving, mangy dog you pass by everyday on the streets.  I highly recommend trying it just once.  


Rummy Died June 17 2016. 

The incredibly loving, blind 12-year-old Siberian Husky who inspired the creation of Rummy's Beach Club, died.  The story of how Rummy inspired Rummy’s Beach Club is on our web site,  This is the story of his last year with us.

In 2015, Rummy was diagnosed with the early stage renal failure while being treated for a urinary tract infection (UTI).  In May of 2016, he had multiple side effects from antibiotics for a drug resistant UTI.  That same month, Rummy suddenly couldn’t walk or even lift his head.  He remained mentally alert and was able to give his priceless kisses to everyone, as he always did. 

Rummy's awesome veterinarian, Dr. Redden at Louetta Veterinary Medical Center of Spring, felt Rummy had Vestibular disease, but warned us that Rummy had a few clinical signs that may represent something worse neurologically, like a brain tumor.  The next day, Rummy had a seizure.  After that, Dr. Redden was sure Rummy had something worse. 

We swam Rummy 3-4 times a week in his pool to help him recover from the muscular weakness caused by the Vestibular disease.  Even though Rummy couldn’t walk, once we put him in his pool, he could swim, like many dogs with neurologic issues.  Within 10 days Rummy was walking on his own again!   

The week Rummy died, he was still walking on his own, but began to walk in circles.  He was able to come when called and get out of the circles until the morning he died.  That morning he just kept doing circles.  He would try to come when called, but he couldn’t find his way out of the circles.  That afternoon, he couldn’t walk but was still mentally aware.  A few hours later, he suffered an extensive neurologic event so we helped him join his friends at the rainbow bridge.

The incredible dog with an unbreakable spirit will continue to influence & inspire dogs and people every day at Rummy’s Beach Club.  Thank you all for your love, prayers, guidance & encouragement for Rummy.  What a huge paw print he left behind!

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